Sidewall tyre markings

There are a lot of different markings found on a tyre.  If you need new tyres and are asked for a tyre size the below is what you will be looking for.  We explain what these common tyre sizes mean below:

Tyre Size

tyre sidewall markings

Tyre markings displaying modern tyres sizes are usually expressed by in the following way:

  • "245" Refers to the width of the tyre in mm
  • "45" is the height as a percentage of the width
  • ‘R’ designates that the tyre is radial construction
  • "17"Refers to the wheel rim diameter in inches
  • "99" indicates the maximum load a tyre can carry
  • "Y" is the ‘speed rating’ of the tyre.

If your not sure where to find your tyre size drop into one of locations and we can help you find your tyre size - find your local centre now.