EU Tyre Label

The European Tyre Label is a new label system introduced in 2012 which relates to all new tyres sold today. The system was developed with the aim of providing customers with more information on tyre safety, fuel efficiency and environmental impact

What are the Ratings?

The new-look label is organised into three parts, and looks like this:

The new eu tyre label

  • The top left rating relates to the fuel efficiency of the tyres - from G (the least efficient) to A (the most efficient) - this can affect the fuel consumption by up to 7.5%
  • The top right rating relates to the wet grip of the tyre. This is on a similar sliding scale to the above and rates the tyres wet braking distance from G (longest braking distance) to A (shortest braking distance) - this has as much impact as a 30% shorter braking distance.
  • The bottom section of the label relates to the noise the tyre makes when rolling.This displays the decibel (dB) level as well as a volume graphic – with one black
    wave being the quietest

Take a look at the video to find out more: