New brake pads and discs at Global Tyres

Here at Global Tyres we offer a free condition check to test your brake pads and discs for signs of wear and tear and to ensure your vehicles brakes will pass their NCT testing.

We keep all popular brake parts in stock, so we can carry out repairs or replacements quickly and efficiently - getting you back on the road in as short a time as possible.

If your brakes are squeaking then the chances are that they require cleaning or the brake pads may need replacing. Our free condition check will identify exactly what is required, and our fully trained and professional staff will keep you informed at every step of the process.

Well maintained brake pads and discs are a crucial aspect of vehicle safety, and are required in order to pass the NCT. If you are in any doubt about the performance of your brakes, it is important to get them checked immediately. To arrange a brake condition test, contact one of our branches today using our contact page.