Wheel Alignment Test at Global Tyres

Wheel alignment is an important factor in the overall safety of your vehicle. Uneven tyre wear caused by out of line wheels can result in inconsistent tyre grip and performance - so it is important to identify any issues as soon as possible.

You can identify poor wheel alignment yourself by checking for uneven wear patterns and tread depth. The problem with this method, though, is that if you notice a problem it means the tyre is already past saving and will require replacing in order to pass an NCT.

Here at Global Tyres, we believe prevention is better (and cheaper!) than the cure, which is why we have invested in the very latest wheel alignment technology to help us spot issues before they become a serious safety problem.

For our wheel alignment tests, our fully trained technicians use the latest Corgi laser wheel alignment equipment, which enables them to check all four-wheels simultaneously. This means they can identify front and rear tracking issues quickly and make the necessary compensations promptly and efficiently.

Our tracking equipment is calibrated weekly in order to maintain its high levels of accuracy, and our expert technicians are fully trained in checking both caster and camber angles - meaning our wheel alignment tests are as thorough and as detailed as possible.